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Audio TV system for the living rooms

What is needed?

The Sociopedagogical Boarding-school in village Lik, Bulgaria, needs 4 audio systems
and 4 TV sets to use in the students' sitting rooms.

Why is it needed?

The audio systems will suit the needs of the children in spending their free time meaningfully. Many of them are good singers and having audio systems they will have a chance to practice singing. It is considered that the audio systems and the TV sets will contribute to maintaining better discipline in the school as the children have difficulties with remaining calm and focussed.

How much will it cost?

Audio system SANG-DM248 :          

PER 1 PIECE 124,17 (ex vat)
PER 4 PIECES 496,56  (ex vat) (Euro 254)
The boarding school is exempt from VAT.


PER 1 PIECE 174,17 BG
PER 4 PIECES 696,68 BG (Euro 357)
Prices are ex VAT

Total: 611 Euro
Totaal benodigd: Euro 611

Totaal ontvangen: Euro 0

Status: Nog niet afgerond